Turangalîla-Symphonie Music Visualizer

Performed along with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance of Turangalîla-Symphonie by Olivier Messiaen. Directed by Kurtis Lesick, Technical Direction by Craig Fahner, Animation by Kelly-Ann Desouza, Video by Kaylee Novakovski, and Programming by Mat Lindenberg.

For this project I worked on the visualizer, where we tried to computationally bring to life Messiaen’s synthesia by using live audio from over a dozen instruments in the orchestra to drive and control a visualizer, which was written from scratch in Processing. Scales, arpeggios, crescendos, changes of pitch and volume and clarity, everything possible was tracked and used to trigger and modulate colour and animation in line with Messiaen’s own liner notes as much as possible.

Here was some press stuff:

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