Enterface (coming soon)

Body-driven gestural interface installation

Song For The End Of The World (2017)

A month long installation about the gradual piling up of the inconsequential.

Recollector (2017)

Projection-mapped animated exploration of the history library. Photo courtesy of Aran Wilkinson-Blanc and EMMEDIA.


40 minutes of bizarre dance visuals for HY DRA TION collective.

You Are Here (2017)

Real-time simulated short-film using audience likenesses, audience input, simulation and live-performance to create unique experiences.

Never Be Lonely Again (2015)

Performative board-game using rules extracted from self-help and confidence building books.


Point Of Origin (2014)

Generative algorithm reads a books and generates images and sounds, line by line.


The Cage (2014)

The suburbs forever, swirling, crashing, disintegrating.


The Lamentation (2013)

A chorus of disembodied heads attempt to personify twitter.


Election Total War (2012)

Turning medieval warfare into political warfare.


Sexsim (2012)

Very realistic human sexual behavior modeling